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It could well restore him in my eyes ... [22 Dec 2008|09:25pm]

Jim Carrey as Iago, in Othello!!

I don't mean he should do it funny.

I was a schoolkid in the 1960s and saw civil rights movements on TV. So that forms the basis of how I see Othello. To the people who directly expressed racial hatred (and I mean directly), my biggest question was WHY? What the hell was fueling this?

And this is Iago in Othello. He does evil and he refuses to permit the fire behind his ruthless efficiency to be known.

So picture this: Carrey and his director (I haven't decided the person) work on a theory on who Iago is, and Carrey uses that theory to develop physical quirks into his Iago. No jokes, no mercy. Just a set of whip-fast mannerisms as he goes about his poisonous business. I have a little list ... of One. ... And the big thing? In the end, true to the play, they do NOT pull the Big Reveal. We do NOT learn what's really going on with this little prick!*

And the eponymous fall guy? I vote for Idris Elba. On the other hand, I vote for him for every role, these days. Like the next James Bond. But imagine: He's the rational guy, trying to make his game work properly even as he's having bits removed, ala Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Relatively decent officer goes down, and we'll never know why.

* .... until we get the DVD with commentary track. It'll be like the shirt theme in Season Five of The Wire.
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And for Lear ... [18 Dec 2008|05:36pm]

Don Rickles!

I'm not kidding. The guy has acting chops. I think he could blow us away.
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A way to do "Troilus and Cressida" that modern audiences could understand [10 Jan 2008|08:33am]

If any of you ever meet Joss Whedon and there's a lull in the conversation, tell him I want him to do a movie of Troilus and Cressida. Since it has so many in-jokes from The Iliad, I suggest peppering the movie with a narrator quoting from that (in whatever translation best fits the scene) and then having the Shakespeare scene that trashes it. The movie could be billed as Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, with selections from Homer's Iliad.

Nobody else seems to have done a theatrical release of this play, since (among other things) it is so utterly nasty and squalid. And that's why NOW would be a perfect time to cover it, showing the squalor of war. And Joss can do nasty!
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This is such brilliant casting it's set my brain on fire! [19 Jul 2006|03:15pm]

When he leaves office (and let that be soon!) I have just the role for Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen!


Seriously, roll it around in your brain for a bit. I'm talking pure Oscar fodder.

Dere's rosemary, dot's for remembrance;
pray, love, remember:
and dere is pansies, ja,
Dot's for tots.
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The Lost Comedie [08 Jan 2005|01:07pm]

Ever hear Firesign Theatre's Shakespeare's Lost Comedie? It's too good to be true!
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Dromio, Dromio, Dwherefor Dart Dthou ... [09 Aug 2004|09:23am]

I'd love to see A Comedy of Errors with Ken Branagh and Eddie Izzard playing the Dromios (Dromiea?)
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